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Colombian Restaurants in San Francisco

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Considered by hundreds of food critics and experts to be the best city to eat in the United States, San Francisco has some many restaurants, visitors will have a hard time deciding which one to try. From seafood to fusion cuisine, the wide range of dining options include every shape, size and price range, as well as every corner of the world. So, get your taste buds ready for an adventure of their own!


Other restaurants in San Francisco

And for those tourists looking for the ultimate dining experience, Opaque is a must-see… actually, a “must-not-see”. As its name implies, this San Francisco restaurant is the city’s first “dark dining” restaurant. This implies that guests will only focus on the marvelous blends of texture and flavor as they leave behind their sense of sight and explore the boundaries of their sense of taste. Opaque offers a fixed price menu with appetizers, main course and dessert, that will entice and delight all visitors.

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